Cameron Nicholson science

In Ms Galib’s class we did a document on the lab states of matter and how various experiments can affect them. In the document we had to find the independent variables , dependent variables and controlled variables. Also , the procedure and materials , so like a full report of the experiment. My project made me have a passing grade in her class and go up a whole letter grade. My onion is that I did really good on this and she thought I did too. Can i keep writing papers this good ?

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Bulls Beat The Heat In The Eastern Semifinals Game 1

On Yahoo Sports News , Last night during game 1 of Eastern Semifinals , it was the Heat versus the Bulls. Everybody was excited to watch this game since the Bulls stop the Heat 27 game winning streak which left Heat fans silent during the regular season. This playoff game was to intense that if left Nate Robinson in stitches right before the end of halftime. “For somebody that size to do the things he does,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told Yahoo! Sports in an empty locker room after Chicago beat Miami, 93-86. “You tell me a player under 6 feet tall who’s better, in the history of the game.” And although it’s just one win in a long series, it’s becoming clear that the best little man in the NBA is bearing down and working for a playoff upset the likes of which this league has never seen. How do you think this series will end ? Heat or the Bulls ?–nate-robinson-stitches-bulls-injured-beat-heat-game-1-east-semis-053622736.html

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Teen Shot After Basketball Game

On NBC News Philadelphia , a teenager in Darby around 10pm last night. The fight happened after a man demanded for money and the teenager refused. Shots were fired and the crowd dispersed and the teenage victim collapsed. My opinion is that its crazy how people die over selfish reasons. How should we stop senseless violence ?

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Technology versus Education

Computers against the Teachers. Dr. Gary Small, director of UCLA’s Memory and Aging Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and UCLA’s Parlow-Solomon Chair on Aging, has conducted research on the digital natives and digital immigrant. Digital natives spend on average 8 and a half hours a day using technology. It is fully integrated into their lives. The time devoted to technology is literally rewriting their brains. This sounds all well and good and what we should strive for in our Technology world, however there is a downside. A loss of human connection, empathy and “people” skills are sacrificed. Our very humaneness is what we are forced to give up as we build and develop our Technology skills. Is technology corrupting our society ?

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Tournament This Weekend

This weekend I going to have a tournament in Coatesville. I am very excited because we play in a couple of tournaments this past weekends. WE did our best and i expect nothing lest from this. My opinion is that we need to clean up some of our plays so we are having practice everyday this weekend. Will it be enough ?

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Wizards’ Emeka Okafor gives support to Jason Collins

On Yahoo Sports section , The Washington Wizards’ Emeka Okafor had no idea that the phone call he took from a teammate Monday morning would include a heads-up on news that would forever change sports. Jason Collins came out on the recent sports illustrated magazine saying he’s a “gay athlete”. This news quickly flooded the social media on mostly every major social networks and news channels. Many athletes and celebrities praised him for his bravery to come out in a major sports league. My opinion is that it was heroic to come out but i don’t think the fans will react in a startled way. How do you feel about the situation ?–before-his-formal-announcement–jason-collins-gave-wizards–omeka-okafor-a-call-002750244.html

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Sandy-Damaged New Jersey : 6 Months Later

On NBC channel 10 news, 6 months later after Hurricane Sandy New Jersey is still coping with the loss of the greatest monuments like the boardwalk and many famous restaurants. But there is still ALOT of work to be done. There are still dunes to be removed so that it wont prevent even more chaos. In the video they talk about problems FEMA is not solving or taking heed to. In my opinion I think there doing the best that they can really and it will all take time. Do you think that there being lazy about the situation and not being proactive about it ?!/news/local/6-Months-Later–NJ-Beach-Still-Not-the-Same/205201211

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Security More Intense At Penn Relays

The Penn Relays is a annual event that brings lots of spectators to it. Its a day of fun and festivities. But ever since the Boston marathon security has been stepped up tremendously. After the recent Boston Marathon bombings security is even tighter. This Thursday morning K-9 units patrolled outside the stadium and rules will be in place about what can and can’t enter. The Penn Relays run through Saturday. The three-day meet at the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field attracts more than 15,000 participants from high schools, colleges and track clubs throughout the U.S. and beyond even drawing mega stars like two-time Olympic 10–meter gold medalist Usain Bolt in recent years. I think this what great precaution and a great proactive move for our safety. Will to much security scare the fans away ?

Google Glass Explorers Not Allowed To Resell

If you pay for this product , you should be able to resell it right ? Well that’s not the case here because Google glass says you can not resell the product. The rule imposed by Google in its terms of sale on the device came to light when a Philadelphia man who was chosen as an Explorer tried to sell his Glass on eBay. “People were acting like I had did something sacrilegious,” he told Wired. Google came out with this statement : ” Unless otherwise authorized by Google, you may only purchase one Device, and you may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your Device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty. ” I think this is wrong because if they think its so exclusive why sell it to the public ?

Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch details emerge from T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T

It’s not as if the Samsung Galaxy S 4 itself is a surprise: the phone was introduced in the U.S. last month. Details on pricing and availability, however, are just arriving now, with T-Mobile and Sprint both announcing their plans, while AT&T has updated its Galaxy S 4 order page with a delivery date. If you select a 16 GB Galaxy S 4 on AT&T’s site in either White Frost or Black Mist for $199 with contract, it says the phone will be shipped on April 30. T-Mobile customers can begin ordering their Galaxy S 4 for $149.99 down on April 24, followed by 24 interest-free payments of $20. The carrier eliminated phone subsides and contracts last month. Sprint is also doing the same thing. This is great because now everybody can get in on the deal. Will you help Galaxy beat the Iphone ?