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Are Teenagers Over Facebook ?

Now of days, teenagers because of newer social media like Instagram and Vine. Now its more adults on Facebook just to socialized. While they’re not thrilled with Facebook, teenagers are checking out, completely. They’re just dividing their time among other social networks, like Twitter and Instagram. And the news comes on the heels of Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, a platform associated with younger people, and primarily focused on content, not social media drama. I think this is true that we as teenagers move on to the next thing. What do you say about social media ?

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Technology versus Education

Computers against the Teachers. Dr. Gary Small, director of UCLA’s Memory and Aging Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and UCLA’s Parlow-Solomon Chair on Aging, has conducted research on the digital natives and digital immigrant. Digital natives spend on average 8 and a half hours a day using technology. It is fully integrated into their lives. The time devoted to technology is literally rewriting their brains. This sounds all well and good and what we should strive for in our Technology world, however there is a downside. A loss of human connection, empathy and “people” skills are sacrificed. Our very humaneness is what we are forced to give up as we build and develop our Technology skills. Is technology corrupting our society ?

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Google Glass Explorers Not Allowed To Resell

If you pay for this product , you should be able to resell it right ? Well that’s not the case here because Google glass says you can not resell the product. The rule imposed by Google in its terms of sale on the device came to light when a Philadelphia man who was chosen as an Explorer tried to sell his Glass on eBay. “People were acting like I had did something sacrilegious,” he told Wired. Google came out with this statement : ” Unless otherwise authorized by Google, you may only purchase one Device, and you may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your Device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty. ” I think this is wrong because if they think its so exclusive why sell it to the public ?

Are Cell Phones Dangerous In Flight ?

Smartphones and tablet computers are common in the passenger cabin, and pilots are using iPads in the cockpit. But passengers have to shut off electronic devices when the plane is below 10,000 feet because of worries that signals emitted by the devices might interfere with electronics in the cockpit.The FAA doesn’t actually ban the devices. But it says airlines can only allow devices that have been tested and proven not to interfere with the plane’s electronics. My opinion is that this informational for all passengers. Will this make you think twice about having your phone on in a plane ?

China is Developing Product Similar To Google Glass

Baidu Inc, China’s largest search engine is developing prototype eye wear similar to Google Inc’s Google Glass which is a search engine that you put over the class. China will make a similar head piece with a LCD small screen will allow users to make image and voice searches as well as conduct facial recognition matches. They are not sure if they are going to commercialized it yet because its a rough draft or not in its final stages. My opinion is that a search engine with the use of your eye its decent by itself. Will the China product outshines Google’s product ?

Smartphones powers NASA robot

A round, floating robot called a remote is running expeirments with minature satelittes, or nanosatellites, that were inspired by a star wars fictional robot. Roughly the size of a soccer ball , these robots that fly freely in space are called Spheres. These ” spheres ” are powered by smartphones. They say the smartphone is like a satellite so we can have complete coverage of the it orbiting in space.