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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

On GSM Arena , they said :  “The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom entered the rumor mill a few days ago – an S4 mini variant with a 16MP camera. A new rumor suggests that the “Zoom” moniker isn’t random, the phone will have a 10x optical zoom lens.The Samsung Galaxy Camera also had a 16MP sensor and packed a whopping 21x zoom but it was quite thick. The Nokia 808 PureView did loss less zoom another way – with a super high-resolution sensor, but again it wasn’t the most compact smartphone around.” I think this is even better for people who love taking pictures because then it could introduce into a whole new world. What do you think ?


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Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch details emerge from T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T

It’s not as if the Samsung Galaxy S 4 itself is a surprise: the phone was introduced in the U.S. last month. Details on pricing and availability, however, are just arriving now, with T-Mobile and Sprint both announcing their plans, while AT&T has updated its Galaxy S 4 order page with a delivery date. If you select a 16 GB Galaxy S 4 on AT&T’s site in either White Frost or Black Mist for $199 with contract, it says the phone will be shipped on April 30. T-Mobile customers can begin ordering their Galaxy S 4 for $149.99 down on April 24, followed by 24 interest-free payments of $20. The carrier eliminated phone subsides and contracts last month. Sprint is also doing the same thing. This is great because now everybody can get in on the deal. Will you help Galaxy beat the Iphone ?

Samsung Galaxy 4 vs Iphone 5

On the Galaxy 4 phone’s front-facing camera can detect when you’re looking at it, so it can do things like keep the display bright while you’re reading or let you tilt the phone to scroll through pages. The phone also lets you swipe through photos and other items just by waving your hand over the screen. The iPhone 5 doesn’t have as many as amazing features as the Galaxy S4 does; it’s much more simple. In fact, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have many special hardware features that you can’t get on other phones.If simple things suits you, go for the iPhone 5. If you want a bunch of flashy extras, go for the Galaxy S4. My personal opinion that i would pick either phone. Which phone would you choose ?

Update on Galaxy 4 phones

T-Mobile Galaxy 4 will be launching its mini soon and will be a smaller version of the galaxy 4. My opinion is that this a good idea for andriod users who want the phone but the regular is just too big for them to use. My question is will is will it still be up to par with its regular version. In all , T-Mobile should have a good rate sale for people who are into androids.

Samsung phones

Samsung galaxy 4 phones are supposed to hit selves in April in UK first. Then the US. This phones includes a 5-megapixel camera with 720 HD recording. This phone can now take video calls just like apple iphone users. The bad thing about that is that the new phone has no more camera flash . The galxy samusng 4 phones come with a better grip so it stays in your hand. However, the size of the galaxy 4 is not bigger than the galaxy s3.

Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy 3 are the latest fastest selling phones on the andriod market. Samsung Galaxy phones have a much wider screen thean iphone phones that are useful for presenting or watching videos. Samsung have a more durable shell , so when dropped it wont crack or be broken easily. Samsung has a better grip to hold in. So why not get a galaxy s3 .