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Cameron Nicholson science

In Ms Galib’s class we did a document on the lab states of matter and how various experiments can affect them. In the document we had to find the independent variables , dependent variables and controlled variables. Also , the procedure and materials , so like a full report of the experiment. My project made me have a passing grade in her class and go up a whole letter grade. My onion is that I did really good on this and she thought I did too. Can i keep writing papers this good ?

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Bulls Beat The Heat In The Eastern Semifinals Game 1

On Yahoo Sports News , Last night during game 1 of Eastern Semifinals , it was the Heat versus the Bulls. Everybody was excited to watch this game since the Bulls stop the Heat 27 game winning streak which left Heat fans silent during the regular season. This playoff game was to intense that if left Nate Robinson in stitches right before the end of halftime. “For somebody that size to do the things he does,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told Yahoo! Sports in an empty locker room after Chicago beat Miami, 93-86. “You tell me a player under 6 feet tall who’s better, in the history of the game.” And although it’s just one win in a long series, it’s becoming clear that the best little man in the NBA is bearing down and working for a playoff upset the likes of which this league has never seen. How do you think this series will end ? Heat or the Bulls ?–nate-robinson-stitches-bulls-injured-beat-heat-game-1-east-semis-053622736.html

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Wizards’ Emeka Okafor gives support to Jason Collins

On Yahoo Sports section , The Washington Wizards’ Emeka Okafor had no idea that the phone call he took from a teammate Monday morning would include a heads-up on news that would forever change sports. Jason Collins came out on the recent sports illustrated magazine saying he’s a “gay athlete”. This news quickly flooded the social media on mostly every major social networks and news channels. Many athletes and celebrities praised him for his bravery to come out in a major sports league. My opinion is that it was heroic to come out but i don’t think the fans will react in a startled way. How do you feel about the situation ?–before-his-formal-announcement–jason-collins-gave-wizards–omeka-okafor-a-call-002750244.html

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No. 1 at the Start, and No. 1 at the Finish

In New York Times , On Monday night , it was the championship between Michigan and Louisville. The game was intense both teams were on edge. Behind the Louisville bench, those in cardinal red remained on their feet in the final minutes, unable to sit down, or feel comfortable, or breathe. They were down 12 points but came back an won the NCAA championship. This made me see that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Will my AAU team when championships like this ?


After seeing that kevin ware injury. I realized how people dreams can be shattered in an instant. So this just gave me motivation to keeping pursuing my dreams and hard work so that i can be successful. Hopefully my basketball career will stay on the track that it is and will only stay on track from there. My opinion is that i got to take care of my body more. Will a injury like kevin ware stop my goals ?

And he said he chasing his dreams .

When i get older i want to become a NBA player because i am very talented and plus im tall. So you can’t teach , but thats why i use it to my advantage. Even if i don’t make it , i want to still be involved in the nba in someway because hard work pays off.