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I am not looking forward to keystones  next week because i don’t feel like taking this test plus finals for extra classes. I think that there not going to make a difference now that grades are getting crucial. I think that we should just takes final or have a practice final exam for certain grades next week. Hopefully I will do good on my keystones next week ? What days do i take them next week ?

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Tournament This Weekend

This weekend I going to have a tournament in Coatesville. I am very excited because we play in a couple of tournaments this past weekends. WE did our best and i expect nothing lest from this. My opinion is that we need to clean up some of our plays so we are having practice everyday this weekend. Will it be enough ?

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Towards the Weekend

Towards the end of the week I have a game with my AAU team at the YMCA on christian street for our south Philly league. I am ready to play because we weren’t in a tournament for awhile now. Then my AAU tournament in New York this weekend hoping to win it all the way. My opinion is that we are going to do good because we practiced all week. Will our hard work pay off ?


This week my AAU team had track workouts at Saint Joe’s University. At first I thought it was going to be easy but my AAU coach got a track coach to train us this whole week. The workouts he gave us were very hard to do but in the end I thank him because they are going to help us on the court. My opinion is that anyone who plays basketball should try this because it will help you in the long run. Will my hard work so far pay off on the basketball court ?

Saturday School

I hope I don’t still have Saturday school because I have a lot of things to do this weekend. My grade in certain class is a 69% since Tuesday. I turned in work which he marked late and missing when I wasn’t here. I did all my school work and the grade didnt go up not even up 1%. I’m about to skip Saturday school because this makes no sense I did all the work and get good grades. Will it improved before Friday before 3 pm ?

School Year

So far the school year has been pretty good. I have been doing in good in school so far. I just want this school year to end so the summer can come faster. I just want to leave as soon as possible. Most of teachers are okay and i dont have any problems with the teacherv as well.

Spring Break

i was hoping for a relaxing spring break and i got one. I had a tournament in New Jersey for my aau team and we lost in the semi finals. But after our lost we went right back in the gym to fix and improve our mistakes. So we can get ready for our king James tournament later this month. Will we win our tournament to qualify ?

1 more day

I cant wait till spring break. I really tired of these teachers . I am ready to leave for relaxation. I need to be away from this school as possible. Will my spring break not be corny ?