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Deadly Fire In PA

A tragic fire happened in Pottsville, PA that killed a husband, 4 kids, and sister-in-law. The wife can only watch as she was outside when the house was engulfed in flames. Kelly Brown (the wife) started screaming to emergency personnel keeping her back, “What do you mean I can’t go in? My kids are in there, my husband is in there, my sister is in there. I’ve got to get them,” according to Purcell. Brown got weak after that and had to be walked down the street because she couldn’t stand, Purcell said. Five firefighters suffered minor injuries trying to rescue the family and put out the fire. Two remained hospitalized Monday morning. I think this was a tragic event that happened unexpected and couldn’t be helped. What do you think that can happen to avoid fires like these houses ?


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Teen Shot After Basketball Game

On NBC News Philadelphia , a teenager in Darby around 10pm last night. The fight happened after a man demanded for money and the teenager refused. Shots were fired and the crowd dispersed and the teenage victim collapsed. My opinion is that its crazy how people die over selfish reasons. How should we stop senseless violence ?

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Sandy-Damaged New Jersey : 6 Months Later

On NBC channel 10 news, 6 months later after Hurricane Sandy New Jersey is still coping with the loss of the greatest monuments like the boardwalk and many famous restaurants. But there is still ALOT of work to be done. There are still dunes to be removed so that it wont prevent even more chaos. In the video they talk about problems FEMA is not solving or taking heed to. In my opinion I think there doing the best that they can really and it will all take time. Do you think that there being lazy about the situation and not being proactive about it ?!/news/local/6-Months-Later–NJ-Beach-Still-Not-the-Same/205201211

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Security More Intense At Penn Relays

The Penn Relays is a annual event that brings lots of spectators to it. Its a day of fun and festivities. But ever since the Boston marathon security has been stepped up tremendously. After the recent Boston Marathon bombings security is even tighter. This Thursday morning K-9 units patrolled outside the stadium and rules will be in place about what can and can’t enter. The Penn Relays run through Saturday. The three-day meet at the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field attracts more than 15,000 participants from high schools, colleges and track clubs throughout the U.S. and beyond even drawing mega stars like two-time Olympic 10–meter gold medalist Usain Bolt in recent years. I think this what great precaution and a great proactive move for our safety. Will to much security scare the fans away ?

SEPTA to Let Public Voice Be Heard

On NBC news Channel 10 , SEPTA will be having meetings all week pertaining a better way to travel to your destination. They said that the cost of tokens will go up from $1.55 to $1.80 and that they will provide a better thing then tokens. The transit agency serving Philadelphia and its suburbs is holding public hearings this week on fare hikes and a new “smart card” system set to go into effect later this year. The “smart-card” electronic fare collection system is set to be fully in place by next summer. Prices for regional rail passes for trains serving the suburbs would also be going up. The biggest hike would be for some TrailPasses, which could go up as much as $15 under the proposed planned. My opinion is that this is a better way for traveling for people who haves to make mutliple stops before going to work. Will people support this plan and get rid of tokens or will this be more chaos for public transportation ?

Fallen Firefighter Died Doing What He Loved

On NBC 10 News Philadelphia , they reported that Battalion Chief Michael Goodwin died doing what he loved and that was being a true firefighter. His son spoke on him saying that he died doing what he loved and said ” My dad was a loving man, a caring man, a hard worker, a Navy man, a church-going man “. Goodwin died when a roof collapsed beneath him Saturday. He was fighting a fire inside a fabric store on 4th Street, known as Fabric Row in South Philadelphia. Goodwin was 53. There will be a funeral this week and also a viewing session at well. My personal opinion is that he will always be remembered as a hero to the Philadelphia community. How can we stop these fires from taking our city’s firefighters ?

Rutgers Coach Mike Fired After Video Backlash

Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice has been fired when a video of him treating the players in misconduct .The video shows numerous clips of Rice at practice firing basketballs at players, hitting them in the back, legs, feet and shoulders. Rice was also shown pushing players in the chest and grabbing them by their jerseys and yanking them around the court. The video surfaced fast with the public and also getting harsh criticism from famous people like Lebron James and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. My opinion is that he should be fired because he’s not showing leadership or responsibility to the young players. Do you think his coaching was wrong or just tough constructive criticism ?

Teen crash leads to death

I read on nbc chaneel 10 news that a man died after police say a teen girl drove a car into a building over the weekend. Police say the girl was driving through a intersection in Millville, NJ around 3:15 am Saturday. She was driving through the intersection when she somehow lost control of her vechile and crashed into the southeast corner of an empty building. The passanger , A 21-year-old man was killed in the car crash. But acccording to the New Jersey state law , drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 with a probationary license are not allowed to drive between 11.01 pm and 5am.
This raises the question to make sure parents’ children are safe and are aware of their surroundings. My personal opinion is that whoever is drivin g be aware of thier surroundings so that they can get people home safely.

Teens , School , And A Gun

On Monday morning , a teen brought a gun to a private Philadelphia school for alternative students. The student was caught with the gun while coming through the metal detectors. During the arrest the student remained calmed and no one was hurt during the incident. He is still being questioned in this investigation.