The Roots Of Hatred

What I think primarily causes hatred is misunderstandings and assumptions. I say these two because I think generally people will assume about others and this leads to a misunderstandings which ignites hatred for one another. For example, when my teammates were arguing about a bad play in a championship basketball game. They both assumed it was each others fault which caused hatred between the two because they both started arguing. But it was only a misunderstanding about the play. This shows how this on a bigger scale can show the reason why nations or even races may not like each other because of assumptions and misunderstandings.

I think something we can do to reduce hatred in our world is stop making stereotypes about each other. I say that because stereotypes are basically ” an assumption or a misunderstanding.” I think what we can do is get to know each other because then we wont assume or misunderstand one another if we get to know that person. This could be finding the similarities and interests between us. Then we won’t hate that person and not evening knowing them. By doing this we can reduce hatred tremendously.


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