Basketball Tournament

Over the past weekend , my basketball team were down in the championship game and 2 of my teammates were arguing over a play that made us turn the ball over to the other team. This argument started because teammate A threw a bad pass to teammate B who dropped it when the ball was thrown. Teammate A said, “Catch the f—— ball next time yo!” Then teammate B said, “Next time don’t throw a b—s— pass!” I was on the court when this happened as my coach called a timeout because of this. I knew that arguing wasn’t going to help us win the game. I pulled them over and said ” Don’t get upset at each other over a pass. It was a misunderstanding of communication between you two. Arguing is not going to fix what just happened. You have to get over it and start the next play. Then teammate A and teammate B both apologized for their mistakes and we went back in the game to play.

What I did was successful because it stopped my teammates into making the argument bigger than what it already was. I think they acted the way they did because it was the championship game and we didn’t want to lose so, turning the ball over would only make it worse. I prevented a fight from happening over something as a misunderstanding. I calmed them both down and made them think about the mistakes they did and how it wouldn’t happen again. I resolved the situation because my teammates shouldn’t be arguing when we are trying to win a championship game.


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