Racial Controversy

In NY times , i read that there are incidents of racial issues have occurred on a college campus in San Jose. The incident was that three white students were physically and verbally abusing a black freshman. They called him slavery names and even reenacted slavery acts. In the
article , ” …. calling him names referring to slavery and putting a bicycle lock around his neck.” This seems hateful to me because those three white people know how deeply slavery impacted the African-American community back then. For these white people to bring it back up now , they were only going to get negative backlash because it’s hateful and offensive to the African-American.
I believe that the 3 white people did this hateful crime because they probably thought it was a joke. However, this did not portray as a joke because is was bullying. I believe they did this because he was a freshman at the college so they probably could get away with it. But, they knew that he was black and they were white so even that can cause some controversy. I think that they should’ve never bullied him and they knew the consequences.


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