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Racial Controversy

In NY times , i read that there are incidents of racial issues have occurred on a college campus in San Jose. The incident was that three white students were physically and verbally abusing a black freshman. They called him slavery names and even reenacted slavery acts. In the
article , ” …. calling him names referring to slavery and putting a bicycle lock around his neck.” This seems hateful to me because those three white people know how deeply slavery impacted the African-American community back then. For these white people to bring it back up now , they were only going to get negative backlash because it’s hateful and offensive to the African-American.
I believe that the 3 white people did this hateful crime because they probably thought it was a joke. However, this did not portray as a joke because is was bullying. I believe they did this because he was a freshman at the college so they probably could get away with it. But, they knew that he was black and they were white so even that can cause some controversy. I think that they should’ve never bullied him and they knew the consequences.



Recently as a group of us BL students were on the bus on our way home from school, two old women made smart remarks while we were joking around and talking. One of them said, “I wish these d— kids shut up ! They don’t have no common sense on a bus. Always acting dumb and stupid.” The other one said, “They won’t ever have any sense!” It seemed hateful to meet because just cause you see a group of young black boys on a bus doesn’t mean you can assume that we are uncontrollable and illiterate. How can you make an assumption on us students saying we’re not behaved or act out of hand ?

In my opinion I think that people take stereotypes about other races or nationalities way out of hand. I say that because I think people see a group of African American males together and think we’re up to no good. That is not always the case because I think we do have self-control and know how to act in public with other people. The two old women shouldn’t scold us because they think we behave a certain way which is not true. I think they said this because of other experiences they probably had with young black males on the bus. But, we are not all or act the same.