Monthly Archives: March 2014

” White Face vs Black Face “

I heard that people are actually saying that Nick Cannon who painted his face “white” was very offensive to some of the white community. It seems hateful to me that some people would say this is derogatory. If they was really trying to say something was offensive , shouldn’t they have checked themselves first ? Some people see this as “humor” rather than hatred saying it was only a mere joke. I think Nick Cannon was doing all out of a joke. I mean who would want to spark racial controversy ?
I believe that people are so judge mental because white people have used “black face” to insult black people. How can you say something is wrong when you did it yourself ? White people can’t say what Nick Cannon did was wrong when they did it for entertainment back in the 1900s ridiculing a specific race and culture. Also , The Waynes Brothers did it in their movie “White Chicks” and no one had a problem so , why would they be now ? I think that white people should stop being hateful and sensitive .


Body Image

Some time ago, I heard and witnessed somebody calling someone else weak based on his physical appearance in school. It seemed hateful to me because how can you assume what a person is based on what is shown on the outside. The person said ” Your weak as —- ! , you cant even carry them books !” and then he smacked the books right out of his hands. Then he walked away and the guy pick up his books to go to his class. I thought that wasn’t right because he wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Also , you can’t always tell someones strength or ability based on their outward figure.
In my opinion , all people who are “leaned figured” are not weak physical. I think people who assume this are completely wrong. For example , NBA star Kevin Durant is “lean” and is not husky or very muscular but, is very strong. He drives and plays defense against some of the strongest NBA players like Dwight Howard or Lebron James and does perfectly fine. The whole stereotype of how you need to gain muscle to become stronger is nonsense because it is not always necessary. I think that person might have said that to the other person because he probably didn’t even know that person. He also probably wanted to mess with him because he was more muscular than him. I think people are always judgmental of others physical appearance without even getting to know them in this society today.