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Are Teenagers Over Facebook ?

Now of days, teenagers because of newer social media like Instagram and Vine. Now its more adults on Facebook just to socialized. While they’re not thrilled with Facebook, teenagers are checking out, completely. They’re just dividing their time among other social networks, like Twitter and Instagram. And the news comes on the heels of Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, a platform associated with younger people, and primarily focused on content, not social media drama. I think this is true that we as teenagers move on to the next thing. What do you say about social media ?

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Deadly Fire In PA

A tragic fire happened in Pottsville, PA that killed a husband, 4 kids, and sister-in-law. The wife can only watch as she was outside when the house was engulfed in flames. Kelly Brown (the wife) started screaming to emergency personnel keeping her back, “What do you mean I can’t go in? My kids are in there, my husband is in there, my sister is in there. I’ve got to get them,” according to Purcell. Brown got weak after that and had to be walked down the street because she couldn’t stand, Purcell said. Five firefighters suffered minor injuries trying to rescue the family and put out the fire. Two remained hospitalized Monday morning. I think this was a tragic event that happened unexpected and couldn’t be helped. What do you think that can happen to avoid fires like these houses ?


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

On GSM Arena , they said :  “The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom entered the rumor mill a few days ago – an S4 mini variant with a 16MP camera. A new rumor suggests that the “Zoom” moniker isn’t random, the phone will have a 10x optical zoom lens.The Samsung Galaxy Camera also had a 16MP sensor and packed a whopping 21x zoom but it was quite thick. The Nokia 808 PureView did loss less zoom another way – with a super high-resolution sensor, but again it wasn’t the most compact smartphone around.” I think this is even better for people who love taking pictures because then it could introduce into a whole new world. What do you think ?


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I am not looking forward to keystones  next week because i don’t feel like taking this test plus finals for extra classes. I think that there not going to make a difference now that grades are getting crucial. I think that we should just takes final or have a practice final exam for certain grades next week. Hopefully I will do good on my keystones next week ? What days do i take them next week ?

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Cameron Nicholson science

In Ms Galib’s class we did a document on the lab states of matter and how various experiments can affect them. In the document we had to find the independent variables , dependent variables and controlled variables. Also , the procedure and materials , so like a full report of the experiment. My project made me have a passing grade in her class and go up a whole letter grade. My onion is that I did really good on this and she thought I did too. Can i keep writing papers this good ?

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Bulls Beat The Heat In The Eastern Semifinals Game 1

On Yahoo Sports News , Last night during game 1 of Eastern Semifinals , it was the Heat versus the Bulls. Everybody was excited to watch this game since the Bulls stop the Heat 27 game winning streak which left Heat fans silent during the regular season. This playoff game was to intense that if left Nate Robinson in stitches right before the end of halftime. “For somebody that size to do the things he does,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told Yahoo! Sports in an empty locker room after Chicago beat Miami, 93-86. “You tell me a player under 6 feet tall who’s better, in the history of the game.” And although it’s just one win in a long series, it’s becoming clear that the best little man in the NBA is bearing down and working for a playoff upset the likes of which this league has never seen. How do you think this series will end ? Heat or the Bulls ?–nate-robinson-stitches-bulls-injured-beat-heat-game-1-east-semis-053622736.html

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Teen Shot After Basketball Game

On NBC News Philadelphia , a teenager in Darby around 10pm last night. The fight happened after a man demanded for money and the teenager refused. Shots were fired and the crowd dispersed and the teenage victim collapsed. My opinion is that its crazy how people die over selfish reasons. How should we stop senseless violence ?

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Technology versus Education

Computers against the Teachers. Dr. Gary Small, director of UCLA’s Memory and Aging Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and UCLA’s Parlow-Solomon Chair on Aging, has conducted research on the digital natives and digital immigrant. Digital natives spend on average 8 and a half hours a day using technology. It is fully integrated into their lives. The time devoted to technology is literally rewriting their brains. This sounds all well and good and what we should strive for in our Technology world, however there is a downside. A loss of human connection, empathy and “people” skills are sacrificed. Our very humaneness is what we are forced to give up as we build and develop our Technology skills. Is technology corrupting our society ?

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Tournament This Weekend

This weekend I going to have a tournament in Coatesville. I am very excited because we play in a couple of tournaments this past weekends. WE did our best and i expect nothing lest from this. My opinion is that we need to clean up some of our plays so we are having practice everyday this weekend. Will it be enough ?

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