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Samsung phones

Samsung galaxy 4 phones are supposed to hit selves in April in UK first. Then the US. This phones includes a 5-megapixel camera with 720 HD recording. This phone can now take video calls just like apple iphone users. The bad thing about that is that the new phone has no more camera flash . The galxy samusng 4 phones come with a better grip so it stays in your hand. However, the size of the galaxy 4 is not bigger than the galaxy s3.


1 more day

I cant wait till spring break. I really tired of these teachers . I am ready to leave for relaxation. I need to be away from this school as possible. Will my spring break not be corny ?

Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy 3 are the latest fastest selling phones on the andriod market. Samsung Galaxy phones have a much wider screen thean iphone phones that are useful for presenting or watching videos. Samsung have a more durable shell , so when dropped it wont crack or be broken easily. Samsung has a better grip to hold in. So why not get a galaxy s3 .

And he said he chasing his dreams .

When i get older i want to become a NBA player because i am very talented and plus im tall. So you can’t teach , but thats why i use it to my advantage. Even if i don’t make it , i want to still be involved in the nba in someway because hard work pays off.

Teens , School , And A Gun

On Monday morning , a teen brought a gun to a private Philadelphia school for alternative students. The student was caught with the gun while coming through the metal detectors. During the arrest the student remained calmed and no one was hurt during the incident. He is still being questioned in this investigation.

About me

I live in West Philadelphia / Overbook in Pennsylvania. I would like to go to florida for college because its always nice out there. I would like to become a NBA player and make it to the league. I attend Boys Latin Charter School and I be in all parts of Philly. Will my dreams come true ?